Thursday, 11 November 2010

Deon - Update 2


Wall supports / deco.

Floor patterns from that era too, apparently (confirmed) some places in London still have these floors.

Greater example of the irregular built floors, a common build design from houses / designs from the era.
History suggests (confirmed) that particular streets of that era were actually so close that you could virtually shake your neighbours hands, straight from the comfort of your own window.

Great texture for us to replicate.
Lovely stone wall.

Here upwards photographs taken by both Lily and Sarah.
Like the houses in rochester (taken by lily and sarah) The main thing to note about these buildings is that they all have floors protruding from the first. So, coming out of the map, being unbalanced.

Archway - Door. Patterns from that particular era.

Following pictures taken by Oly Walters.
So, whilst I went to the zoo with Gerome, Oly and Dominique, Lily and Sarah went too.... Rochester! Why? You'll soon find out. Later on during the day Oly went to the London museum, to gather more information / Research.

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