Thursday, 11 November 2010

Deon - Update 4 - Plan / pipeline.


Research – Finished pretty much – Carried out primarily and secondary, internet, as well as going to places to cover the brief
Majority completed as of 11/11/2010
Initial Idea – Ye Olde London. Prior / just before the start of the Black Death Plague.
Idea finalised, rat navigating through a street in london dodging various obstacles, rats eye POV. Crossover to a character POV when rat dies / goes out of shot.
Completed as of 11/11/2010
Environmental thought – Refine how the environment is going to look, how it's going to feel, how the character sounds / music / feel / atmosphere is going to look and feel.

Initial Sketches – Draw poses of the character / rat, as well as the street / building with all objects / thought out angles / shots– Carried out via drawing tablet. – To be completed by 20/11/2010

Basic model - Maya
Refined Model – Maya
Rigging - Maya
Texture – Maya <- All of which given a time scale of 4-5 weeks.
Lighting - Maya
Mapping - Maya
Render - Maya

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